Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Secret has been getting HORRIBLE snow balls in her feet since we got snow. She had this problem last year, but it seems to be especially bad this year. I decided that it was time for her to get booties to wear for walks & playing. The boys got them as well, but Kaiser will only need his when it's cold and Luke will only need his when it's REALLY cold. Secret will wear hers the most, I'm sure, since she has the balling issue.

I ordered booties from on Monday and they arrived today! The timing was perfect, as Charlie the UPS man showed up about 15 minutes before our usual walk time. I was very excited to try the boots out right away!

Secret was a good girl and just sat and stared at me while I put them on her. I suppose this goes to show that I do enough weird stuff to her that's she's used to it now. :o) She had a brief booty dance (not as good as Kaiser's, but Luke had the best of all!), but got over it quickly -- Especially when I went to put my boots on. Then the booties were forgotten because it was time to walk!

Both Kaiser & Secret (Luke didn't wear his today) seemed to really love & appreciate their booties. Secret did stop twice to tug at the excess velcro flap on a front foot for some reason, but then she was quickly off & running again. And run she did! I think she might have ran faster than usual wearing her booties!

She was bounding through the snow, running through the tall weeds & going up and down banks. I thought for sure we would lose at least one booty (I bought eight for her since I figured she would go through the most) -- But nope! They never budged. Our walk was even extra long due to a train pulling up and parking over our usual crossing area, so we had to backtrack and go bushwhacking through the snow-covered weeds.

I'm almost excited for it to get cold enough where booties AND blankies will be necessary -- As everyone got booties to match their blanket. :o) You didn't forget about Secret's gorgeous pink plaid blanket, did you? Yay!! Who would have thought I'd find something to like about winter?

Good news -- I have a date set for our first lesson with Deb Erb at ABCTC! We are going to head up on Wednesday, December 29 at 5:30 p.m. Bethany has expressed that she would like to join us with Rascal, so we will make it a semi-private lesson. I am so excited, I can't wait!

Nor can I wait for our play date with Greg this weekend! It will be so fun! It will be a good experience for Secret to work in a new environment! We will pack our booties for playtime afterwords. :o)

Are they not super cute?

One other super fun note -- The first batch of floor mats arrived this morning! I only ordered enough to cover half the space in my basement (stupid me, perhaps I should measure before ordering???) -- But I am excited to lay them down and see how they will work. They are much lighter than I originally thought...

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