Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Like whoa, the vet is scary!

Secret had a minor freak-out at the vet yesterday. We were there for her rabies, distemper and bordatella boosters. Now, Secret has obviously been to the vet's office MANY times in her life and it's more or less always been a happy, positive experience. She's been much more friendly with the staff on recent visits and I was not expecting the reaction we had yesterday.

Frank, the office kitty, did try to wander into our room when we first arrived and it totally freaked Secret out. Normally she's afraid of Frank, but yesterday she acted like she wanted to slaughter him. Even after the door closed, she totally fixated on it for quite some time.

She did settle down while we waited for Dr. Randy, but she never did really relax. When he entered the room, it was back to square one. Secret's tail was tucked so tightly that the end actually curled up around her stifle. For real! What is up with that?

Now, she didn't act like she was going to strike out or go after Randy, but she most definitely had decided she didn't want him near her. I ended up having to hold her for the exam and while he gave her the three shots. She did eventually crumple down and he was able to flex her limbs and whatnot from a laying position.

I discussed Secret's weight with Dr. Randy and he thinks she looks fantastic. She was 44.8 lbs, so I was pretty on with my guess that she had gone up to 45 lbs since I started to feed her more. Randy was surprised to hear that I only feed her 2 cups per day, but I did say it's hard to really put a number to what I feed her when you throw in treats, Kongs, etc. He obviously doesn't feel she should lose any weight, but for her build, he doesn't think it would be good to carry an extra weight on her lanky frame. Yay, win for me! I sometimes get tired of people saying she's too skinny.

Secret continued to relax as I chatted with Randy and she looked totally fine by the time we left. She was more than happy to stand up on the counter to beg for treats from the receptionist. She was just in a really, really odd mood yesterday. It could be because she was so tired from the trial all weekend and then spending the ENTIRE DAY chewing on the Himalayan Chews I got from Karen. BTW, $20 in chewies down the toilet in a day...

But if she was tired, you sure wouldn't have known it when we got home. We spent a good 10 minutes playing frisbee, followed by about 10 minutes of zoomies in the yard in the falling snow. Secret was wired! I've never seen a zoomy session go on that long for her, but she was nuts. There is no denying that she is a snow dog through and through. What an odd ball.

We did a Theraball session in the basement before dinner and then finally she crashed for the rest of the night. And boy did she crash hard!


  1. So, what did you think of the himalayan chew? I bought some for my girlz and they were gone within a half an hour. I think Darby, my youngest, might have had a blockage from it. As she hacked it up the next evening. I don't believe I'll ever get those again. I thought they would last longer.

    Good to hear that Secret's at a good weight for her. It's hard for me to get weight on Darby, mainly because she's so active and crazy :) I hear a lot from others that they think she needs to gain weight, but it's virtually impossible with her energy level.

    Hope you all have a great holiday!!

  2. I will not buy them again. I bought the multi-pack from my friend when she said she'd gotten them in stock because they have received RAVE reviews on the Clean Run list. They are expensive, but are supposed to last...

    Well, Luke broke off multiple chunks that looked like little rocks, so I threw them away so that nobody would choke on them. Money down the drain. I eventually told him he couldn't chew it anymore because he was just destroying them.

    No idea how Secret did it, but she more or less completely finished two of them yesterday. Pretty sure the 3" piece that was left disappeared this morning.

    The deer antlers are by far the way to go with Secret, but they are a very low value chewie and she doesn't spend much time on them. Still, they last forever. The other two dogs don't even look at them, though.

    I'd say bully sticks still rank up there as favorite chewie. Luke makes quick work of them, but he doesn't get huge, dangerous chunks broken off them at least.