Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow & Cold = Blankies & Booties!

Man did we get dumped on this weekend! At least if we had to miss out on our agility play date it was for good reason. It would have stunk to be stranded at home for a paltry eight inches of snow or something. Mother Nature made me feel better about being stuck in Wisconsin by throwing a blizzard at us and dumping us with almost 17" of snow! As if that weren't enough, we then got hit with wind chill advisories and temperatures well below zero. Joy!

I really had my doubts about making it through our walk today. After all, during our morning potty break the dogs lasted about 90 seconds before they were moaning about their feet hurting from the cold. Secret never even actually achieved the goal of going potty because she farted around so long that she wasn't able to carry out the task before she froze up solid.

Thankfully I came prepared and packed booties & blankies for all! Even still, I thought we'd be lucky to stay outside 10 minutes with as cold as it is. I was wrong.

After two days of being stranded at home, the dogs thought this was AWESOME. Well protected from the snow & cold temperatures, I'm pretty certain they would have been happy to stay out all day. All three blew off some much needed steam in the 35 minutes we were outside. The boys mostly stayed on the packed snowmobile trail, but Secret kept plowing out into the deep drifts along the trail. She loves snow. She got stuck a couple of times...

Major kudos to Schneider's Saddlery and for providing superior winter attire! All blankies and booties stayed firmly affixed despite trudging through 2 1/2' snow to reach the trail! I did have to carry Kaiser over the first time, as I took pity on him for not being able to break through the deep snow. The bigger dogs thought it was SUPER FUN.

Seriously, that's how cold it is. I couldn't breath comfortably without a scarf over my mouth & nose. It hurt. But my three loony goons were romping & running around gleefully the entire time.

Secret loves snow because you can DIG! You can dig LOTS! I do try to keep it to a limit at home, though, because I figure she has to hit solid ground eventually. For some reason she & Luke are being obsessive about digging under the furnace exhaust hose in the back yard... Probably looking for ice chunks, no doubt.

Check out our snow mountain at work. I asked Luke to pose at the bottom and Secret took it upon herself to explore all the way to the top.

And there is what we are dealing with at home. Any more accumulating snow and I will lose my mail box!

Speaking of home, my dad came over on Saturday before the blizzard and did the majority of the work involved in removing the framing! I now have a big open space in the basement -- Yay! And a giant mess to clean up before the mats are delivered. Boo. Fed Ex says it will be here Thursday! Yay!! I also ordered a giant Theraball (peanut) from Clean Run last week and haven't yet received word that it has shipped. Hmm. But I'm looking forward to doing ball exercises with Secret this winter in our fun padded basement!

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