Monday, December 20, 2010

She remembers how to run!

It was a trial weekend for the boys and that means a weekend "in jail" for Secret. Poor Secret, but she honestly handles it very well. She's better without Max there for some reason and was a lot quieter this weekend. She only barked a little when I took the boys outside without her. I do try to make sure she gets plenty of play time out of her kennel, but with 11 or 12 runs a day with the boys it's sometimes difficult.

The happy, happy news is that my fears of working in the tiny basement ruining Secret can be put to rest. She remembers how to run! Yay!

I was pretty much the last person to leave the dog center on Saturday. Our day had ended with Novice Jumpers set at 16". Usually they set up the Jumpers course for the next day before leaving for dinner, but they apparently had reservations and had to leave. Now, I would never run a course set for the next day, but the temptation was too great not to run Secret through the Novice Jumpers course that was set & done.

She was AWESOME. I wish I could have gotten video. It really has been bothering me, since we moved into the basement, that she would lose her speed this winter. We worked SO HARD to build it up, after all. Thankfully it looks like it might actually help us, by making Secret appreciate wide open spaces that much more.

There was a little slipping as she adjusted to running on the mats (I'm glad I did a quick shave of her feet when I did the boys the other day). She also cut in on a couple of jumps when she was a little too toy focused (brought out the Ringzee). But run three was PERFECT. Totally flawless and fast. Yay! It made me so happy. She ran with such joy & enthusiasm. She gave me great distance, rear crosses and everything.

We didn't get a chance to play on equipment after the trial on Sunday because they set up some special photo shoot deal, but that's okay. Family Dog Center is having open ring time this Wednesday and we are going to go play then! There was a poster on the wall advertising it and there is no way I'll miss that opportunity. Then next Wednesday is our lesson up in Eau Claire.

We've been having fun playing with our FitPAWS peanut that arrived last week! Kaiser turns out to be the fittest dog in the house, but Secret is doing well and has progressed to being comfortable enough to stand on it and do exercises from that position. Poor Luke is still laying down, but at least he made it onto the ball! :o)

It's amazing because they don't seem like they are doing all that much work, but a session on the peanut just wears them all out for the night! It's kind of nice. lol Secret does many things during her session -- Bouncing, weight shifts, push-ups, leg raises, waving and just a hint of sit pretty. She's doing great!


  1. I know this in Secret's blog site...but how did Luke and Kaiser do at the NADAC trial? I saw your post on the NADAC Yahoo groups site about's a mystery to me that I ever Q in that class! But Holly loves Hoops so I keep trying to play the game right ;)

  2. Aww, the boys thank you for asking about them! We had a great weekend!



    Kaiser was the dog in question for the Hoopers incident. His run is in the video -- Obvious from that angle that he went past the hoop, but it was a tough call on course. I'm bummed that I "lost" the argument. Oh well. He's only playing Hoopers to try to Q up for Champs, still one more Novice Q, then two Open. Argh. Luke loves Hoopers. I could live without it!! It's so stressful to run Kaiser in Hoopers because he is so particular about his space bubble. But he's getting better!

    This was Luke's last time running 20"! He gets to move into the Veteran 16" class when we go down to Iowa next weekend. Yay!

  3. Thanks for the links :) Your boys are super cute! I do most of my handling training with hoops so Holly LOVES them and is great with pouring on the speed. As for me, I'm not a fan of the game per se and would happily see it switch to a numbered course.