Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coming of Age

What is today?

Today is the day Secret turns 18 months old!

Do you realize how hard it is to get a good shot of a dog dancing?

It's also really hard to get a good shot of them waving....

But we can certainly get a good shot of a dead dog (or a dog really bad at playing dead)

And we can also get a shot of the world's longest dog ever.

Okay, it's pretty obvious that there isn't much else to talk about, so this blog is simply being filled with pictures.

But oooh, look what arrived in the mail the other day! Secret is now "official" and ready to go!

So the big day is here, and here we sit.... Not able to train, not able to trial for another three weeks. Boo. Patience, grasshopper, patience....

I'm still waiting to hear if we are going to be able to do any lessons up in Eau Claire this month. I really hope we can arrange something, or else the entry fees for the March trial are just going to be paid training in the ring. Well really, I suppose that's what any first trial is, but I would really like to have SOME sort of training opportunity prior to that weekend.

I put the weaves away last night and we are going to go back to doing some jump work again. Part of it is because we simply NEED to go back to jump work, but it's also because we hit a bit of a road block with the single-step weave project. With the poles open, Secret swims beautifully. As soon as they close too much, though, she goes back to hopping and we have not been able to get over that hump. Ultimately, I believe there is only so much she is comfortable offering in the tiny space of the basement -- So maybe we'll just stop obsessing on it until we can get back outside and really run/dig in to the ground. We'll see, but I need to move on and continue to work on other skills with her for now.

In the mean time, T-24 days and counting.....

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  1. Hooray!! Happy 18 months, Secret! Looking forward to hearing how her very first agility trial goes :)