Thursday, February 24, 2011

Underwater Treadmill Fun!

Last night Secret and I attended the first "Fun & Fitness" night hosted by our favorite people, the staff at Sparta Small Animal Veterinary Clinic! I saw it on their web site earlier in the week and then stopped in to pick up syringes for Luke on Tuesday -- But then Bethany called and talked me into it yesterday when she said she was going. I've always wanted to see the underwater treadmill in action, Secret can ALWAYS use more exercise and the price was definitely right!

Secret basically thought the whole night absolutely rocked. Bethany & Rascal were there, and in Secret's mind that equals PARTY! Secret surprised me and did well with everyone who was there last night (well, except for the third dog...). I think it's always good to have a visit to the vet clinic that doesn't involve getting poked & prodded.

We got to watch Rascal have his turn first and Secret was just fascinated by the whole ordeal. Poor Rascal didn't think it was so fun, unfortunately, and ended up climbing out right over the top! It was funny, though, because as soon as he was out, Secret acted like she wanted to get the heck in there and have her turn at the fun. Too bad for her that she had to wait for the water to drain first!

I put together a video of her experience -- She did SO WELL!!

I already signed us up for the next session this coming Monday. Luke gets to play next time, too! There is another session next Wednesday as well and I would like to see what Kaiser thinks of the experience. I haven't decided who else will get to play that night. Maybe all three, who knows!

I think it's never a bad idea for a performance dog to get used to the experience of the underwater treadmill. It just may come in handy one day if one of them gets an injury or strain of some sort. I'm thankful we have this option so close to home.

Secret made herself right at home in the front office before we left. We really do spend way too much time at the clinic. :o) We have an appointment to go back on March 7 as well, as Secret & Kaiser are both a little overdue for their Lepto boosters. Sometimes I'm a slacker....

I popped Secret on the scale before we left to get a quick weight update on her. Oh my. Care to take a stab? She's up to 48 lbs. She is a freaking HUGE girl. I suppose it should be consolation that it's all solid muscle, as she is about as fit & trim as they come, but man, she's a big girl. Oh well, not much we can do about it, so I may as well move on. lol

So...... There may be big news to share on Monday. I am not going to post about it yet, though, because I don't want to jinx anything. As with many things that take place in the winter in Wisconsin, it depends entirely on the weather. We shall see -- But cross your fingers!

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