Friday, February 4, 2011

The field trip that wasn't...

Last week my cousins asked me if I'd be willing to go into their Animal Science class and do a presentation on agility for their dog unit. I hemmed and hawed, not being much of a person for public speaking. Ultimately, though, I figured it might be fun. And I'd get to make a video! You know me and videos....

I have been antagonizing for the last couple of days on whether or not I should take Secret. I thought it would be a good experience for her and I knew that going through her bag of tricks would likely be a bit hit for the class. But I also worried about her shutting down or getting snappy if overwhelmed, and going to school would be a big brand new place for her. Then, of course, there was also the fact that she would probably sit and bark at me the whole time I was giving my talk because she would be upset about not having all of my attention.

So.... Secret stayed at the office today. :o( Poor Secret. I do think it would have been a really good experience for her, but hopefully there will be others. Once I was at the school I knew I had made the right decision. Luke and I had to walk down some pretty busy & crowded hallways to find our classroom and I think that might have been a little much for Secret.

I'm still certain that she would have blown everyone away with her tricks, but I'll have to be happy that she played the part of "baby dog grows up" in the video presentation. :o)

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  1. Love the video! It's always so exciting when you can get out there and share your passion with others...and hope that you inspire them to fall in love with it as much as you have! What an exciting day!