Monday, February 21, 2011

I hate you, Mother Nature

But Secret doesn't. All three dogs are blissed out on the 9" of snow we got (plus a couple more inches today, they say). How are they my dogs? Blah. Stupid snow. This spot where Secret is standing had grass two days ago. GRASS!!!!!!!

Guess we won't be able to set up any jumps before our trial. Sigh.

The storm was actually so bad that I got sent home from the shelter yesterday. It was a super fun drive home, but the dogs were happy to see me five hours earlier than expected. We were bums and slept on the couch all day, save for a fun round of frisbee before the high winds really kicked up.

I'm so done with winter.... Not to mention the fact that we get to go through a second mud season now.


  1. Grass? What's that? Haven't seen anything but snow on the ground since early November. You said it...blah. Even my dogs are seem done with it!

  2. I stopped by after reading your comment on The Other End of the Leash. I couldn't agree with you more!

    My dogs are LOVING the snow, and I have to admit I'm enjoying the brake from the mud for just a little while.

    Secret is positively gorgeous!

  3. Thanks for your comments, and welcome to the blog, Amanda! :)

    The dogs do love the snow so much that it's hard to hate it -- And once the act of moving it around is completed, it's a little easier to enjoy. lol But still, more snow means that we will eventually have more mud.

    Oh well, good thing I gave up trying to keep the house clean ages ago! :o)