Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Entry = Sent!

It's a little deceiving because it's not the entry for Secret's first trial -- But it's the first entry that has been sent in for her. lol It's for the March 19 (we're only doing one day) NADAC trial being hosted by Agile Canines.

I'm always a little paranoid about trials in Minneapolis filling. It hasn't happened for two years, but you never know! This is the first NADAC trial in the Cities since New Years and it's also the first NADAC trial at this location -- The Oasis Equestrian Center in Lindstrom, MN. There have been a handful of CPE trials there and so far it has received rave reviews. I worry that the NADAC folks will be curious and want to check it out (like me!), so to be safe, I sent my entries.

Besides, I noticed this morning that the closing date is March 5, so that pretty much shot my plans out of the water to wait and see how Secret did at her first trial before choosing the classes/sending the entries for this one.

This will be Secret's first time seeing/running on dirt!! That will be interesting.

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