Friday, March 25, 2011

The dogs need Social Security Numbers....

I have come to the conclusion that I need social security numbers for my dogs. Heck, even if just Secret got one it would help. Have you seen the sort of tax deductions they give out for children in this country? As much as I dislike wee humans, it darn near makes me want to pop one out just for the tax benefits.

Well, not really. But it blows. I was hoping for a better tax return this year to help with some of these trial bills (the upcoming three-day trial here in La Crosse is.... well, breaking the bank). I suppose any money coming in is better than none.

If only I could find away to write off the agility stuff. There would definitely be some nice perks to figuring out a way to turn this into a business. :o)

I got a lead on another part time job.... It would suck away more training time, but with the goal of attending NADAC Champs on the horizon, any extra funds would come in handy. We'll see how that pans out.

To make this post somewhat related to Secret and that which she does -- We had a play session in the snow-covered yard last night when I got home from the shelter. She was going crazy nuts for the frisbee and just didn't seem to be dying out. So after I cut Luke off and put him in the house (he will run until he kills himself and I don't need him getting hurt before our next trial!), I got out Secret's Jolly Ball and decided to send her through the arc of jumps that is now frozen to the ground. Most of the jump bars either got blown off or are half propped up, with one or two still set at 12".

Holy moley, she FLEW! I have *never* seen her go so fast. It made me giddy to watch her. I hope that one day we can tap into that kind of enthusiasm and speed at trials. Wow. It was awesome.

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