Thursday, March 24, 2011


It's back.

After going through the melting/mud season twice already, we are now set to go through it again. Granted, I should not complain too loudly because I hear my friends up north got MUCH more snow than we did (less than 2"), but I am still grumbling. Do you see those jumps in the yard?? I was so eager to be able to train outside again.

Unfortunately this snap is scheduled to last for the next week or so. It doesn't look like we'll get in any meaningful training before the trial in La Crosse next weekend. Speaking of which, I really need to enter. I more or less have decided to put Secret into Open. Granted, that decision was heavily based on the fact that I thought I'd be able to get her on 12 weaves before the trial... She'll be in Open Weavers on Friday, though, so she'll at least have the chance to see them before Open Regular.

Stupid snow.

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