Thursday, March 31, 2011

How is she physically capable of this?

I had to photoshop the heck out of these things to get Secret to show up -- That's what happens when you take all of your pictures with your cell phone and it doesn't have a flash. ;o)

Secret is the better part of 23" tall and just a couple pounds shy of 50 lbs. HOW does she fit under the bed still? I keep worrying that she is going to get hurt or stuck one of these days, but she actually shimmied all the way across the length of the bed this morning and popped out the other side.

I think Secret will be a gumby dog for the rest of her life. Interestingly, though, in some of our recent stretching sessions I have noticed a bit of resistance when stretching her front legs forward. Something to work on, I suppose. All of my dogs are tight somewhere or another it seems.

Our practice Tuesday night went very well! I found a really fun Open JWW course on the web site that fit perfectly into the yard. I invited Bethany & Rascal over to play, too, but Bethany wasn't feeling up to running him so I did. Oh my. So out of shape.... I thought I was going to about die running the two of them back-to-back. I took a short break before running Luke & Kaiser. The good news is that everyone did a super job! The "kids" both ran at 20" and did great, although it does seem that Secret gets "tired" faster with the higher jumps. Or maybe she's just lazy, because she had plenty of energy later on that night. :o) The main purpose of the evening was to get her back on 12 weaves and she rocked it. I did learn that she doesn't want me getting yards ahead of her right now, though. She is much faster if I stay within 5' or so, which means that's what I'll do for now! I dare say I even saw her single step a few times!

Finally -- Look what we have coming in the mail!!!!!!! Yay! Isn't it SUPER CUTE???? It is coming from Chuckle Pup (which also happens to be the web site of which Secret's photo graces the cover page, although this was bought outright, lol). I saw her post the pink sheep ribbon months ago but thought it was a limited edition thing. When I found out that Adrienne still had some in stock, I said, "I NEED THAT!!!!" She just finished the collar and it should be here soon. Shame it won't make it in time for this trial. But really, this one will likely make it into our daily rotation. So cute!

I have to stop at Farm & Fleet tonight to pick up a new Jolly Ball. Sigh. I was putting together a few more jumps Tuesday afternoon and Secret helped herself to the JB in the garage. I didn't think much of it until I saw her going to town gnawing on the rope. I got over there just in time to see it separate into two pieces. The Jolly Ball on a Rope isn't much good without the rope -- And I can't imagine life without one, so I will replace it. And make sure someone doesn't help herself to it....

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  1. Too funny! Freya and Sissy do the same darn thing and I worry they're going to twist a hip or dislocate something! I love the new collar too :)