Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photos from Secret's first trial

I watched the photographer's web site like a hawk after Secret's first trial over in Kansasville, waiting for the pictures to be posted. I'm "facebook friends" with the photographer and knew that he takes some very nice pictures, so I was excited to see what he got of Secret.

Turns out that he got several good shots of her, so it was hard to choose! In a perfect world I'd get them all (including some very good shots of the boys), but at $25/each, I kept to two. Bummer, too, because there was one of Luke really digging into the dirt that was awesome. Granted, I could still get it! Maybe I should do my taxes and see what the heck I'm getting back this year... lol

The top picture appealed to me because it gives the illusion of power & speed. Awesome, right? Especially since in the trial video you can clearly see that Secret trots between that a-frame and the next hoop/tunnel combination. :o)

I liked this picture for two reasons -- Secret looks HAPPY! I think this was the second Tunnelers course where she started to enjoy herself more. The other reason I like it is because her ears are up. Ha! I still wish I would have set her ears. Oh well, she's cute as a button, regardless.

We had an appointment at the vet's office yesterday afternoon for SHOTS. Secret was due for Lepto & Lyme. Randy spent a good deal of time going over her for some reason. Partly because the clinic was slow and probably also because she wouldn't let him do anything the last time we were there. She actually let him stretch and move her legs all over the place, which surprised me -- But she froze up again when it was time for the shots, so I held her. Other than that she was really good, aside from climbing all the way up onto the counter on her own... Oh Secret.

Here's a shocker -- Dr. Randy actually said that Secret could stand to lose a pound or two. Everyone else thinks my dog looks anorexic, so that took me by surprise. She was a pound heavier than the last time, weighing in at 49 lbs yesterday. She has gotten a LOT of treats lately.... So we are cutting back a bit on her intake for a bit, at least until spring eventually arrives (if ever....) and we can get back to a more regular exercise routine.

Hmm. Maybe I should have signed Fatty up for a treadmill session on Wednesday...

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