Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I didn't do it....

I still have the dog beds with holes in my office, and Secret still likes to un-stuff them regularly. I love the look she gives me -- "What? I didn't do it." Half the time it's with stuffing hanging out of her mouth.

The yard is coming along nicely! It didn't get sloppy & gross as it melted away this time, I am happy to report. Perhaps because the temperatures have been barely above freezing and it melted fairly slowly. Who knows, but the yard is clear again and we've been playing. I still haven't set up anything more than the jump arc, but it is on the agenda for this evening!

Secret needs to get her legs under her and learn to jump outdoors again. She's had two face plants in the last couple of days since I moved her up to 20" again. The one on Sunday scared me a bit -- She was going through the arc, mad for her Jolly Ball, and she misjudged her take-off. She suddenly went splay-legged and all four legs went in different directions as she landed on top of the bar and then pretty much landed face first. I was horrified, but couldn't let her know it. Secret popped up quickly and I assessed that nothing was broken and urged her to do the last two jumps, which she did. I checked her over and all was well, so we did a couple of single jumps to make sure her confidence wasn't hurt (it wasn't) and ended with a few more trips through the arc.

Last night she just had a digger on the landing. It was a patch of dry, dead grass and we were working on rear cross/switch cues -- I think she was anticipating the cue earlier than I planned to give it and when she had to change her plans she just lost her feet a bit. It was a hard slip, but nothing like the spill the night before. But still, the girl had better get her feet under her or she's going to get hurt one of these times...

The plan for this evening is to set up a JWW course. Time to drag the weave poles outside for a refresher on a set of 12! I want to finally put together the jumps that I've had pieces for since moving into my house, too -- I think I have five more? That way I won't have to use so many hoops on our jumpers courses. :o)

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