Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictures from the trial

My friend, Jessica (who runs the cutest Boston Terriers!), sent me a couple of shots that she got of Secret at the trial this weekend. I *adore* the first shot. Look at Secret go! She looks, I daresay, SPORTY and FAST! lol It must be from one of her Open Regular rounds on Saturday by the looks of the course design behind her.

No idea which class this is from, but look at the focus and attention (and the cute ear standing up). :o) Very nice & efficient turn over the jump.

It's nice to see that Secret has decent form over the jump. Sometimes in the video it looks like she's just hurling herself over with very little effort. lol

I have to decide in the next few days, but I'm leaning towards putting Secret up to 20"+ Proficient at the next trial. It's on dirt, so I wouldn't have to worry about her having such crappy footing (like on these mats). I want her to have at least a couple of 20" trials under her belt at Open before I move her up to Elite. We should get oodles of practice in at home at 20" (or higher) before the Easter trial, so she should be fine.

There aren't any more NADAC trials in La Crosse until the end of July, so I'm trying to nail down my trial schedule and figure out what I'm doing. We are doing the Easter weekend trial back at Lindstrom, but I haven't decided on one day or two yet. If the trial would start at 9:00 instead of 8:00 it would be so easy to just drive up (three hours) the morning of, but I'm not thrilled with the idea of getting up at 3:30 a.m.

On any normal year I would be planning to go to the MMBC trial at Savage Park on May 21 & 22 -- But I recently learned of a NADAC Funraiser being held at Davenport the following weekend. Not only are entries cheaper at Funraisers, but that trial is indoors on the best turf around. I love MMBC, but that trial was *miserable* last year with horrid weather.

Our only real option for June is to head back down to Davenport on the 11 & 12. NADAC is dying in this area, it seems. Otherwise we could always branch out and try something else, but that will depend on if Secret gets over the teeter issues she developed this winter. We'll see. If she starts getting close to qualifying for NADAC Champs, I suppose we'd just stick with that route until after October.

Oh to have a limitless supply of funding, then we could just trial everywhere every weekend in every venue. :o)

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