Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video! Clean Run Backyard Dogs

Okay, I was not happy with the video that I posted yesterday. I thought it was way too far away and I hate that you can't see anything.

So I did a different one last night. I set up the Backyard Dogs course from the April 2011 issue of Clean Run. It happened to be the page I turned to during breakfast yesterday and I thought it looked challenging and fun -- And it was!

Secret did awesome. She stayed motivated & focused even through her break and kept up her toy drive (we used the Holee Roller for all of this). I'm very proud of how well she did. The jumps are all set at 20" for Secret and I think she should do just fine at the next trial at this height.

One nice thing about having three dogs is that it allows me to work through all of the exercises without wearing anyone out (besides me, that is). If you want to see what the boys did, here are their videos!




  1. Thanks for posting those exercises:) I know what I'll be playing with this weekend!

  2. Anita Fisher (through Robin)Monday, May 09, 2011

    you are the best blogger around!! I'm going to get my back yard set up the same way. What month was that of Clean Run?? I think we both got are dogs from BCR---I have Stash (aka: Pistachio)

  3. Thanks! That was the April issue of Clean Run. Now that the weather is nice I need to go look through all the winter issues that I could do nothing with because of the snow... I was looking at the current issue just this morning, but I have several things I want to work on right now and I'm not sure I'll get to it right away.

    And I remember Stash! I still check the BCRMN web site a couple times a week as well as keep up with the facebook page. I love to see how many dogs they have been able to place. Secret was a popular girl and I was lucky enough to end up with her only because I was the first to get there to meet the puppies. lol (Thank you, Kaiser, for having a conformation show up north that weekend!)