Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ugh. That's just how I feel. Secret's expression captures it well. Winter has returned to the upper midwest.

That was during our walk yesterday. It was towards the beginning of the storm. Even Secret thought the blowing wind and icy snow kind of sucked.

But not for long. She was pretty damn gleeful once we got home and she got to play in it. Super duper frisbee fun for all!

There's the Jumpers course (with a couple of hoops since a couple of my jumps are still buried under contact equipment in the garage...) we've been playing on for a few days. It's an Elite Jumpers course that I pulled off someone's blog last week to play with bonus lines for Luke. I've been running Secret at 20/22" and she's doing great. I'm glad I made myself practice on Monday when I was super tired because it doesn't look like we'll have any other opportunities before our trial this weekend!

And lest you think that a snow storm might stop Secret from doing what she loves..... Nope. She still went for a swim! Only Secret....

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