Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is the Honeymoon Over?

I don't know if everyone is cranky from lack of sleep yesterday or what, but poor Secret has had a rough time of it today.

She was a happy, happy girl this morning when we got up! I put her back in her crate while I showered and she didn't fuss a bit -- Just give her something to chew on and she's very content.

The morning was running very smoothly and we were on par to actually hit the road a little early (always nice when there is snow starting to fall!). As I was rinsing out the coffee pot, I looked over to see Secret approaching Luke again. He had been doing better with her and was starting to at least stick around when she came near (instead of getting up to leave every time she came within five feet of him). Secret was happily starting to lick Luke's face, no doubt thrilled that she was finally able to get close to him. Luke was sitting a bit out of her reach, so Secret stood up and put a paw on Luke for stability.

He lashed out at her and got her in the nose. I was SO MAD at him. He did the same thing to Kaiser when we first moved to the new house and Kaiser has a scar from the laceration that Luke gave him on the nose. Secret went SCREAMING away and hid under the table in the living room. She was still crying when I went to pull her out. I saw some blood on her front legs, but could not determine exactly where it was coming from. I thought that maybe Luke had gotten her tongue (I saw later that he actually scraped her up under her jaw!). I was able to settle her down, but she was still very shaken when we left and ended up spending the first hour at work on my lap. This gave me the perfect opportunity to trim her nails for the first time! What a good girl she was.

In addition to the spat with Luke, Kaiser has been quite snarky with her today and she's too tired to do much about it. As a result, the majority of the day has been spent sleeping under my desk. I think they just did WAY too much yesterday and need a day to chill and recouperate.

She's starting to wake up and come back out of her shell this afternoon, so I'm hoping that she & Kaiser warm up to each other at home this evening again. As for Luke... He's on probation now and is being watched like a hawk. He accepted Kaiser, so I'm sure he'll accept Secret. Eventually. *sigh*

As I type this, she is being submissive to Kaiser to get him interacting with her again. She knows how to keep him happy! I still think she's only doing it to lull him into thinking he's in charge, while secretly she's planning her domination! lol

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