Monday, December 14, 2009

Secret's First Agility Trial!

Well, okay, I might be getting a *little* ahead of myself with the title of this post. ;o) This weekend Secret ATTENDED her very first agility trial, and she was an absolute super star the entire time!

Due to her celebrity status gained through my Facebook posts, there were many people who were very excited to finally meet Secret. She was a little tentative when we first arrived on Saturday -- There were a LOT of new people, dogs, sights & sounds! -- but it didn't take long for her to warm up to everyone and start showing her sassy side.

Secret was more than happy to share her tricks with everyone. It was a great environment to proof her sit, down, shake & speak tricks. We didn't work on introducing anything new this weekend, since I figured the experience of being in a trial environment was enough for her.

Secret ended up handling everything far better than I had anticipated. She didn't complain once about spending the weekend in her crate. I tried to take her out as often as possible, and she was "stolen" a few times by friends for some priceless socialization time. She also got her very first bully stick on Saturday, which she took to immediately and it kept her happy all day long.

Sunday went equally as well, with perhaps a little more sleeping time due to the length of the day before. Secret got to have some fun off-leash playtime with a friend's dog, Cooper, at the end of the day and she surely enjoyed that! Even with all of this activity, though, there was still plenty of playing and rough-housing to be had at home with Kaiser (making up for lost time, no doubt!).

Secret also got her second bath last night, which went as well as the first one. Will I be so lucky as to have this fantastic behavior continue? :o)

Things continue to improve with Luke! They had an honest-to-goodness play/chase session in the yard last night, with Luke instigating a game of chase and letting Secret (and Kaiser) chase him! He's also being a little more playful in the house, thanks in part to a new toy I bought last week that he loves. Luke is being more accepting of Secret's advances now, and putting up with more of her puppy behavior. We're getting there!

I'll have limited time to train tonight due to my agility class moving to Monday nights (provided the weather holds out, at least) -- but I hope to start working on getting Secret to roll over as her next trick.

Last night I also came up with the idea to bring the teeter down to the basement for the winter. I figure I'll start by propping it up on the landing steps to do some basic plank work. Once she gets the hang of that, we can start to introduce the teeter at low heights, just to get her used to the moving board. No reason to let the weather keep us from working on foundation skills this winter!

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