Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Secret's First Bath!

Secret got her first bath (with me, at least) last night! I got an e-mail from Melissa at the MN BC Rescue that said she was still supposed to get a couple more medicated baths for her skin infection -- I checked with my vet to see if I should use the Ketochlor that we'd used for our Westie's skin issues and yes, that was the right one. Thankfully my parents still had a bottle around!

She did so very well! Secret didn't whine at all and stood very still the whole time. Unfortunately the medicated shampoo doesn't make her smell all pretty, so we'll have to follow up with a better shampoo here at some point. :o)

I checked for girly collars at Wal-Mart last night and they had nothing -- so Secret is still wearing her ugly boy collar that was in the cupboard. I can't wait to go shopping for her! At least I did manage to find a decent stainless steel food dish, so now she's not eating out of a Gladwear container anymore.

Things are back to going well with Secret & the boys. She & Kaiser played away most of the evening, as I expected after they slept all day long. They started right at it this morning at work again. Luke is still ignoring Secret, but there have been no more altercations between them and he has not growled at her since I smacked him yesterday. She is now able to be near him without him immediately walking away, so that is an improvement. Secret is still trying to be Luke's friend and I think she'll win him over eventually.

We are in the middle of a huge snow storm right now. Secret isn't sure what to make of all this white stuff and, this morning, found herself in a snow drift over her head! I will try to get pictures in the snow later today.

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