Friday, December 18, 2009

Vet Visit!

Yesterday was Secret's first visit to meet our vet and it couldn't have gone better! She was a very well behaved little girl.

Secret sat very nicely on the scale so that we could get her weight -- a surprising 18.3 lbs already!!! Oh my goodness! She's put on three whole pounds since I got her! Secret now outweighs Kaiser, who has probably lost some of his 18 lbs since he had a crash introduction to eating on a regular schedule (which he is still not happy about).

We didn't have too long of a wait before we saw our vet, so Secret didn't have much time to get bored -- plus she was entertained most of the time by the various techs and whatnot that wanted to meet her.

She was happy, happy, happy when our vet, Dr. Randy came in to see us! She may have been slightly offended at having her teeth checked (obviously something I need to work with her on, although she wasn't that bad), but she didn't blink at any of the rest of his poking & prodding. Secret received her rabies vaccination yesterday and we will go back on December 28 for her next puppy shot.

Secret's skin issues got the "all clear," so we can discontinue the daily anti-fungal ointment that I've been applying to her tail. Randy said it wouldn't hurt to give her another bath with the Ketochlor so long as I have it -- I was figuring we'd do that this weekend. He also suggested that I start to add some corn oil or fish oil to her food to try to help her dry coat. I started putting one of Luke's fish oil capsules in her food last night and she didn't have any problem eating it. No wonder, really, since she doesn't ever chew! I may stop at the store to pick up some oil, though, since I think it might be cheaper in the long run. Just being on an improved diet will help her coat, but the oil certainly won't hurt anything. I also thought about adding in some egg to her diet, since I remember what fantastic things that did for Luke's coat.

Last night was also the first time that I've left Secret home alone! I do believe this was a new record for me, as I think it was far, far longer before I left Kaiser. I lived in the apartment then, though, and was too worried about him crying while I was gone. I would gander that Secret likely didn't have any issues -- she is so good in her crate! I moved her crate into the living room so that she would be with the boys (who are loose in the house) and gave her a chewie as I left. Her bedding was all intact as I left it and the chewy was gone, so it looks like she didn't get upset while I was gone. She was also, BY FAR, the calmest of the three when I returned. The boys just go insane.

I stayed up and played with the dogs before going to bed @ 1:00 and thankfully we were then able to stay down for the night until the alarm went off (far too early) this morning. Secret did NOT want to get up, and I can't blame her. lol

This weekend will be our first weekend at home, so I will surely have to come up with several ways to keep Secret occupied and tired. It's warming up a bit, so perhaps the crust layer will go away in the back yard so that we can play out there a bit more. Otherwise we will likely come into work so that they can run around off leash in the lumber yard.

I used our new touch stick for training last night for the first time and I think it will come in very handy for several tricks. It helped a LOT with bow, I felt, and we made a lot of progress with that one! This weekend we'll have to head to the basement for some more plank work.

I trimmed Secret's nails again just now. Do all puppies have nails that grow this fast? This is turning into a weekly ritual, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I guess! I figure the more I can keep them trimmed back, the easier it will be in the future. I don't consider my boys to have long nails, but Secret is the only one who isn't making any noise on the kitchen floor! :o)

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