Tuesday, March 9, 2010

7 Months Old!

Secret is 7 months old today! My goodness, how time flies. She is getting so big!

Secret got a bath Friday night before the trial because she & Kaiser had been getting so filthy on our daily walks. Then she got another bath last night because she & Kaiser were wrestling in the dirt pile while I was picking poo from the yard. *sigh*

Prior to this, I don't believe she's had a bath since December. The first thing I noticed when I put her in the tub was how much bigger she is than the last time we tried this. lol On Friday the little turd managed to squirt out and take off while she was full of soap!! Thankfully I stopped her in the bedroom and she didn't make it on any furniture. She was perfect during her "emergency bath" last night, but holy hell was there a lot of mud in the tub. She was gross!!

Hopefully we don't have to do too many more of these, but with a week of rain in the forecast, my hopes are not very high. :o(

Secret was a good girl at the trial this weekend! There were several people that she seemed to remember and willingly approached them for attention (including men!). She made more new doggy friends and got to play outside with them for a bit between runs. There were still a few people that she was unsure of, but overall I think she's doing quite well.

I continue to do "musical crates" and keep Secret with whoever is not running. This seems to keep everyone happy -- Secret has never made a peep while I'm running one of the dogs and I think the boys stay quieter now that she is in there with them.

They went and dismantled the course immediately following the trial, so I did not get a chance to play with Secret at the end of the day on Sunday. :o( That is okay, we have class tomorrow night and will get to play then. I will be sure to put out several tunnels for her to run through.

The snow is quickly disappearing here and I am getting excited about bringing out my agility equipment!! I have finally been able to bring in almost all of my jumps & weaves that were buried in the snow back in December (to allow the grass to grow properly). Now I'm just itching to put them back out!

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