Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung in Wisconsin!

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous! We had high temperatures in the 60's all weekend. This means that everything has dried up nicely and we are no longer living in the land of mud. The dogs finally got to rip-roar around the yard and enjoy themselves!

With the disappearance of the snow comes the inevitable appearance of a yard full of previously hidden "land mines." I tried very hard to keep on top of the poo issue this winter with three dogs, but there was always a batch that would get covered with each snow storm, never again to be seen until the spring thaw. My mission this weekend was to rid the yard of this nastiness while the dogs enjoyed the fine weather. It took three sessions and three very full bags, but we now have a beautiful clean yard again -- A yard perfect for agility work. :o)

Secret is showing herself to be a digger. Yay.... I have had to fill in a couple of holes already and now have to keep an eye on her when we are outside. She also seems to like to eat dirt at times, which seems to be what prompts the digging. Because of this, the dogs are not getting much unsupervised time outside until I've put an end to this new habit.

We are supposed to have another day in the 60's today, so I am planning on dragging the tunnels & sand bags up from the basement. Secret will get to have her very first agility lesson at home! I'm hoping that running on grass really brings out her speed & drive, as all of the dogs seem to be a bit more careful on the agility mats at the dog center.

It's very tempting to bring out all of my contact equipment, but the weather forecast is predicting a rain/snow mixture coming later this week. Yay. The joys of living in Wisconsin.

Secret had a busy day yesterday -- I met some friends for breakfast and decided to bring the dogs along so that Secret & I could make another trip to PetSmart. She was a good girl, but didn't care to meet any of the dogs we came across. She has figured out that the people at the check-out stands give her good things, so she made a bee-line to the associate when we went to the register.

After our trip to PetSmart, the dogs and I went on a nice hour-long walk on the trail. I think I finally managed to wear Secret out, but alas, it never lasts very long! She is a little Energizer bunny. Hopefully I can put that to good use now that the weather is nice!

I will soon need to start the search for a herding trainer, as I would really like to try Secret on sheep this summer. :o)

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