Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So much better!

Last night I set up another quick drill for Secret to play on in the back yard. This time I used three hoops in a pinwheel pattern that ran into a 15' tunnel. I put the boys in the house so that they wouldn't be there as a distraction.


Secret was connected, fast & drivey for me. She didn't miss a single hoop and was eager to play -- even after they'd been running around the yard for some time after work.

I kept it very short and fun -- Probably only 5 minutes or so. We worked on doing the pinwheel into the tunnel (and then chasing the toy on the way out) and then going from the tunnel to the pinwheel. She did fantastic, so I quit while we were both happy.

I took advantage of the "no-boys time" and got the frisbee out for a bit. I'm in the "rolling it on the ground" stage to encourage her to chase it -- but we still struggle with the retrieve. Well, we struggle with the retrieve of the soft frisbee that I was using last night. She's getting better when I use the hard disk, but she does the same thing as Luke when we play with the soft frisbee. What is so darn rewarding about ripping up grass through the fabric part of the frisbee? At any rate, I'm using the soft disc to be easier on her mouth for the second part of our work -- catching. She's doing great with the short catch and then we tug -- She LOVES to play tug with the soft frisbee. That's a start, I guess.

Tonight we are back at the dog center. I won't drill her too much, but we will probably work on our contact position since I don't have those out at home yet.

With the arrival of the gorgeous spring weather, I fear that Secret's trick training will start to fall to the back burner. I will have to come up with some new things to work on to make sure this doesn't happen!

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