Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jealousy IS a motivator?

While it doesn't seem that Secret cares a wit about me working the boys on agility equipment in front of her, perhaps she DOES get jealous when she sees me working *other* dogs?

Bethany brought Rascal over for their very first agility lesson yesterday. I ended up having to put the boys in the house because they proved to be too much of a distraction, but I let Secret remain tethered to the deck.

For the first part of Rascal's lesson, Secret rolled over on her back -- It must be her "come hither" attempts to get him to play with her. Towards the end of Rascal's lesson, however, Secret started to whine a bit. Hmm. Interesting!

I let her off her leash when Rascal was done working and the two of them ran and played more than they ever have on prior "dates!" I attempted to work Secret a bit while Rascal was running around and she got REALLY upset with him and chased him off whenever he tried to come near us (or probably more likely -- the treats).

I worked the boys very briefly after Rascal left, and then it was Secret's turn. I started with just a straight tunnel and was throwing the Wubba. The shocker is that Secret continued to show interest in the Wubba even after she knew I had food on me. We seemed to figure out a good compromise, wherein she would chase the Wubba and then come to me for a treat. I'll take that!

I added a hoop on each end of the tunnel and Secret took to this with no trouble. She continues to have an excellent wait/release, even as I use my voice to get her all hyped up.

We did some brief work on the dog walk, including trotting up and over it with her 2-on/2-off on the ends.

My stick-in-the-ground weave poles were out for Rascal, so I decided to start shaping Secret on entries with two poles. She caught on to this scary fast, so I think using the 2x2 method with her will be a big hit. Now is the time to practice patience!

I'm teaching at the dog center tonight, but I'm setting up a jumpers course outside, so I'm not sure what there will be for Secret to do. If nothing else, she should get in some play time with Ailie!

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