Friday, March 26, 2010

Play date fun -- and the dog walk is out!

Secret was a crazy loon yesterday afternoon at work, so I asked Bethany if she wanted to bring Rascal over for another play date. Thankfully, she was available! The above shot was only achievable after over an hour and a half of play time -- otherwise, you could never get them to sit still! Mostly due to Kaiser...

Isn't Rascal just ever so handsome? I maintain that Bethany is very lucky I already had Secret when she adopted Rascal -- otherwise I would have had to steal him for myself!

Another fun play date was had by all. Secret & Rascal were able to play a bit more this time, although Kaiser is still hogging him the majority of the time. Towards the end of the play date, Rascal FINALLY figured out the best way to play in this household -- RUN. Previously, he would take off running for a short burst and then put on the brakes when Kaiser followed. Then Kaiser would tend to wrestle him to the ground and then the fun was over for all. When Rascal got a case of the zoomies, however, Secret thought this was *awesome* and gave chase behind Kaiser. Rascal is fast & agile, so the game went on for several laps of the yard. The dogs were well worn out when Rascal left and were sleeping by 7 p.m.! Mission achieved. :o)

I brought out the dog walk last night prior to our play date. I knew it was adjustable in height, but I have never attempted it -- So I thought I'd see how low it goes, for safety sake around rambunctious puppies... It's in the 2 1/2' range, which is much better than 4'.

I set Luke up in front of the dog walk to get a size reference for the picture, and as I snapped the photo, I suddenly noticed that there was a second dog in the frame! Secret took it upon herself to trot up and across the dog walk like she has done it every day of her life. She's definitely not scared of it!

She followed the boys across the dog walk several times with a stride so nice that I am briefly tempted to teach her to do a running contact instead. I put the boys in the house and grabbed the clicker to work on Secret's 2-on/2-off performance. Once we proofed that a few times, I decided to go ahead and ask her to to all the way over with a stop on the end -- This will take a while to "click" in her head, I think. She never jumped off before the yellow, but strided off the end of the dog walk and had to be repositioned.

We aren't going to obsess over this much at the moment, but I'll let her play around on the low dog walk when we're outside to let her get good and comfortable around it. Right now she seems to enjoy jumping onto it from any odd angle. Silly girl.

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