Friday, March 19, 2010

Play date with Rascal!

Check it out! I was at the vet's office yesterday with Luke and noticed a pamphlet as we were waiting for his blood test results (Luke has Addison's disease and needs regular electrolyte check-ups). At any rate, the pamphlet had Secret's mirror image puppy twin!! I snapped a quick picture so that I could create the side-by-side above. :o)

After Luke's appointment, I took Secret in to get a weight on her. She is up to a whopping 37.6 lbs!!! Oh wow. I just measured her height and she is 19 3/4". Wow again. Stop growing already! So more than likely she'll probably end up a 20"+ dog and in the 40lb range. Time will tell.

I called my cousin, Bethany, after we left the vet clinic and she brought her Border Collie, Rascal, over for a play date. She got Rascal shortly after I got Secret in December, and he is also a rescue (in a round-about kind of way). He is an amazing little dog. I've always said that if I didn't have Secret already, I would have stole him from her. :o) We are going to teach Rascal to do agility this summer!

Kaiser stepped up to control the play date from the very beginning, so Secret & Rascal didn't get much time to form their own play style. In addition to that, I believe Secret is just exhausted from her very busy week, so she wasn't in the mood to do a lot of running last night.

Everyone got along great (with the exception of some of Kaiser's "I will dominate you!" moments), so I am looking forward to many more of these play dates. Video below!

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